"(There are) none so deaf than those who refuse to listen"

-adapted Mathew Henry

Commentaries, Jeremiah 20 (1708-1710)


Myths about Deaf Dogs

Deaf Dogs are dumb and unable to learn.

  • Deaf dogs learn like any other dog or animal.
  • Deaf dogs do better when mentally stimulated.
  • Deaf dogs build confidence as they learn new skills and tasks.
  • FYI: Hogan learned over 70 signs in American Sign Language, agility, flyball, lure coursing, rally, some freestyle, and more.

Deaf dogs are difficult to train.

  • Deaf dogs learn when a solid form of communication is established.
  • Deaf dogs, at times, have been reported to learn faster than some hearing dogs.
  • Deaf dogs become very focused when praised and made to feel important.

Deaf dogs startle more easily.

  • Deaf dogs need to desensitized to sudden movement.
  • Remember, the expression, "Let a sleeping dog lie," was not coined because of deaf dogs!
  • All dogs need to learn to be awakened suddenly or taken by surprise.
  • All dogs need to be socialized.
  • Deaf dogs, like hearing dogs, respond to praise and reward.

Deaf dogs are moody.

  • Deaf dogs, like hearing dogs, are happiest when they have something to do.
  • Deaf dogs, like any dog, can become bored when not given the proper amount of attention.
  • Deaf dogs, like hearing dogs, need to trained and exercised in an on-going and regular program.
  • Deaf dogs are lovable and love positive and engaging companionship.
  • Deaf dogs respond positively to affection, patience, and understanding.

Deaf Dogs get hit by cars.

  • All dogs have no inherent fear of cars and are susceptible to being hit by cars.
  • All dogs need our protection and safety precautions.

Deaf Dogs are suffering or should be pitied.

  • Like a deaf human, silence is a deaf dog's world and is all he knows.
  • Deaf dogs are not in pain and should not be pitied.
  • Deaf dogs respond tactically and with great affection.

Important for all humans:

  • It is our responsibility to accept, understand, and love our deaf dogs just as they are.
  • We need to establish a solid, positive method of communication with our deaf dogs - with all our pets.
  • Safety is our task and must be insured.
  • Loving. continuous care is our commitment.