"(There are) none so deaf than those who refuse to listen"

-adapted Mathew Henry

Commentaries, Jeremiah 20 (1708-1710)



January 5, 1992 – March 11, 2007

Big Sister to Hogan and Georgia

India was born on January 5, 1992 in Rhode Island.  Connie’s daughter, Heather, was attending the University of Rhode Island (URI) when she adopted India from a litter of "unwanted" puppies.  However, with the rigors of work and study as a marine biologist, Heather learned that India needed more time and attention than she was able to dedicate.  She lovingly gave India to her mom, Connie Bombaci, to raise and keep as a member of the family.

Connie was a lover of animals and had always had dogs as part of the family.  She was in search of a pup to rescue when Heather introduced India, a black Labrador mix, who was only 10 weeks old and 12 pounds at the time. Connie, along with her husband, Jim, eagerly welcomed their new addition and set into motion household changes and adaptations to daily schedules.

Over the course of the next year, India grew and learned good manners.  She also demonstrated a wonderful and energetic spirit of playfulness and companionship.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that she needed a playmate, and Connie set out to find a buddy.  Searching the local animal shelters and rescue organizations, she contacted the Connecticut Humane Society and discovered a "brother" for India.  Because of India’s delightful good nature, it didn’t take more than two seconds for India to approve of Hogan as the second canine addition.

India set the tone for the entire Bombaci household.  Her unconditional love and desire to be with anyone and everyone inspired the Bombaci’s to learn, train, and volunteer their time and services to others.  India was the first to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and went on to be certified as a Therapy Dog (TDI).  She was unrelenting with her Frisbee and greeted all guests with an enthusiastic invitation to play.  She was considered to be an amazing pup by everyone who met her.  Her intelligence was uncanny and her perception to others’ needs served as an invaluable aid to all.  She loved humans and other animals of all ages and was happiest when she was right along side human parents.