"(There are) none so deaf than those who refuse to listen"

-adapted Mathew Henry

Commentaries, Jeremiah 20 (1708-1710)


Pets Do Not Transmit Covid-19

Our world is fighting a medical warfare, and we are receiving so much information and tips on how to keep safe and healthy. What we need to know is that our precious animals do transmit the virus. Covid-19 is a person-to-person transmission. Pets do not need to be abandoned in any way.

Recently, I received an audio recording that listed some of things that we can be doing to help ensure our safety.

Because the Covid-19 restricts airways and lungs with thick mucous these are some tips:

1.   Drink lots of hot liquids. Sip warm liquid every 15-20 minutes to wash the virus into the stomach that will destroy the virus.

2.   Gargle with saltwater, lemon, or vinegar.

3.   Bathe from head to toes as soon as you come in from being out of the home. Do not touch anything or sit down. Any detergent or soap kills the virus. Wash your clothing immediately, and spray your shoes with disinfectant. Go to the shower without touching anything in your home.

4.   Wash metallic surfaces very carefully because the virus can last on these surfaces for up to nine (9) days. Be careful about touching handrails, etc. and be sure to wash handles and surfaces at home regularly. In addition, wipe all handles and surfaces in your car as soon as you come home.

5.   Don’t smoke.

6.   Wash hands every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds with any soap that foams.

7.   Eat fruits and vegetables, trying to elevate zinc levels as well as vitamin C levels.

8.   Try to stay healthy, not getting other viruses or colds which weaken the system.

9.   Avoid eating and drinking cold things.

10.   Be aware of sore throat and perform the above precautions as soon as it becomes symptomatic. The virus passes into the lungs 3-4 days after getting a sore throat.

11. Retrieve your mail with latex gloves and wipe your mailbox. Wipe all mail before bringing it into your home and opening each item.

This is a link to additional and important information.